“You will never be able to understand any of what I’ve created. I am Albert F***ing Einstein and you are all monkeys scrabbling in the dirt.”

And so our resident genius, our Dr. Jekyll, explosively completed his transformation into Mr. Hyde.

He declared this in front of the product design…

Knowing what not to build is the most crucial part of modern software development.

One of the most prominent mistakes made by development teams is doing too much work.

Last time you were in crunch mode on a project, did you think “this is going great”? Crunch time is the penance we pay for the poor decisions we made earlier in the project. …


Humans stink. It’s nothing to be ashamed of: it is the inevitable consequence of our animal nature.

But humans aspire to be more than animals.

Humanity’s singular endeavor throughout history has been the journey to eliminate stink. We’ve always hated it. …

Firefighting is not a business strategy. (source)

My first startup experience began with a job interview in a coffee shop. It ended in a high-speed motorcycle chase at a place called Rattlesnake Bar.

It shouldn’t have gotten that far. I should have bailed out at the coffee shop. …

Thirty-six seconds after launch, lightning struck the Apollo 12 and its six million pounds of high explosive fuel.

The instruments blacked out.

Twenty-two seconds later lightning struck again. What few instruments remained started flashing red failure lights.

The “you’re about to die” alarm started blaring.

Over the radio the crew…

We started anew, like a seedling in the sand (source)

We stared at the flickering embers of our previous life. We wouldn’t survive another journey through the flames. We had one choice: grow or perish. We chose to grow.

Wouldn’t that be greeeeeat… (Office Space, 1999)

Laurence Peter formulated the principle that “managers rise to the level of their incompetence” in 1969. In particular, non-technical leaders have earned a poor reputation with software developers.

Office Space depicts the non-technical manager in Bill Lumbergh, pictured above. Dilbert provides the classic “Pointy-Haired Boss.”

This article is for anyone…

The one time breaking up isn’t hard to do (source)

The concept of legacy conveys permanence, value, and the greatness we bequeath to our children and our successors in the community.

People make ludicrously generous donations to charitable causes to establish their legacy. They create eponymous endowments or buildings and strive to protect the name their children will inherit.


You have a shiny new CQRS system, it’s “dev complete,” and you’re about to start integration testing. And the 800-pound gorilla that was sleeping in the corner during your domain discussions wakes up.

Without a single glance at your comprehensive domain diagrams, engaging user stories, UI mock-ups, or well-documented acceptance…

We were supposed to fly to London, then after a few days go on to Brussels by way of the Chunnel. We stood at the gate with our carry-on bags and were about to head down the ramp. …

Jonathan Solórzano-Hamilton

Engineering Manager @Netflix

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